Kashmir – Gulmarg – P7

Gulmarg is an another famous destination for Ski-field in Baramula district of Kashmir . It is situated at an altitude of 8690 feet from mean sea level and 60KM from Srinagar. Gulmarg has been very famous for Winter Sports usually happens sometime in the month of November and December as its been a World class Ski-field for Skiers from the Asian Nations. Gulmarg has been rated 7th best Ski -field destination in Asia. It also has the highest golf course situated at an Altitude of 8690 feet.

How to reach –

From Srinagar ,You can reach Gulmarg by Car. Distance between Srinagar to Gulmarg is 60 km by Road. The minimum time to reach Gulmarg from Srinagar is 2h 30m which includes the purchase of Coat and Ice shoes in the base.


Here are the on the way pictures took during the Ghat Section ride from Tangmarg to Gulmarg . In the base, you can get Wool coat, Shoes for rent. You can avoid Wool coat for rent if you  already have one and just go only with Ice shoes for rent.I would recommend not to spend too much on coat . If you have Jerkin, that should be OK for Gulmarg to Enjoy as Wool coat is not Mandatory as it is just a seasonal business for them.

Tangmarg – Gulmarg Ghat Section Pictures –
















View Point in the Middle – 

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