Friends vs Colleagues – C11

Hi all, This is a Comparison between Friends and Colleagues. I personally feel , they are NOT same. The level of independence, celebration and Joy that we experience when we are with Friends cannot be expressed in Words and absolutely it is NOT possible with Colleagues. I MEAN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .  Please share your views if you feel anything harsh in this content as I try to share my views based on my experience. 

Friends – 

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Colleagues – 

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Note : When I say  Friends, I mean, Its a True Friendship where both have a special bonding as they Support, Inspire and Motivate each other. 

Sharing –

Friends – Mutual sharing of Information is very easy and No need to hide anything between friends

Colleagues – Sharing any piece of personal information is very risk and there are more  chances of exploiting your weakness at times when they get a chance . Be Cautious when you share the information .

Image –

Friends – No need to maintain any image in our friends circle , We can be ourselves and have fun

Colleagues – They are co-workers and nothing more than that and we needed to maintain a certain Image, as having fun at times will become very serious and will become too personal.

Problems –

Friends – There is no compelling reason to state a “SORRY” or “APOLOGY” between friends when they had a few issues or problems . When they talk together or have a great time, everything will be overlooked

Colleagues – Nothing is overlooked here, If it is a problem, it is a problem. If it is not sorted out immediately , then it will be a chain reaction .

Success –

Friends – Best friends share and appreciate their success each other and NEVER let others down. It really happens between a True and Close friendship.

Colleagues – Do you really think your colleague will present you a Costly Gift if you get a very good Hike and Promotion???? 🙂 lol 🙂 .. Nothing happens other than Envy or a chance to revenge your credit .

Just Business –

Friends – Friends never try to hurt each other or corner even for Fun as Emotions like ,love, caring and Affection will come in to play.

Colleagues –  No emotions here as , all are mounted for Money here , If they need to corner someone, They will corner and call it ” JUST BUSINESS & NOTHING PERSONAL”

Trust –

Friends – I can trust my friend for anything and no judgemental is required here .

Colleagues – Colleagues are my competitors and they use any chance to Win over me, how come trust is possible here…

Betrayal –

Friends – The chances of betrayal in a True Friendship is very less 

Colleagues – It is very easy here . Believe me, Betrayal will become a  “Business As Usual” word in the Corporate Industry in few years .. I experienced many times and experiencing it now as well 🙂

Anger – 

Friends – You can shout at your friend , your friend will understand and try to help you in some way to sort your problems. 

Colleagues – No matter what happens, you should be polite and professional here as your anger will not be Justified any ways even if it is for the right reason .


There are so many areas that be compared and explored here and see if I can continue this series in future with some more pointers. 


Please feel free to share your Views / like & leave your comments on this blog in the comments section

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  1. I truly agree! Friends are also not those who pack their pounds of negativity on you because they think they are the only targets and who don’t want to share anything except their miseries. Great post! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True Prasath.. friends and Colleagues can never have same touch.. only few may be 00000.1 % may become friends out of colleagues..

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Agreed 💯
    Friends – I can trust my friend for anything and no judgemental is required here .

    Colleagues – Colleagues are my competitors and they use any chance to Win over me, how come trust is possible here…

    True words !!
    Nice observation
    Great post
    Keep sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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