Reality vs Philosophy – C13

Greetings all, Here are some of the reality of things and its philosophical lessons in day to day life.  

Betrayal –

Reality – When you Identify the person who betrayed you.. Its not so easy to digest 

Philosophical Lesson – Never Forgive nor Forget the person who betray you.

Enemy –

Reality – Enemy stands in-front and try to win over you in any circumstances

Philosophical Lesson – Remember the name of your enemy , but forgive him for identifying your hidden potential in you 

Emotion –

Reality – Crying is also an emotion and many doesn’t wanted to express thinking about other.. 

Philosophical Lesson – It is more comfortable to cry in Mercedez than a bicycle, as Money cannot buy happiness anyway.

Avenge –

Reality – Our heart prick sometime and trigger our inner sense for Avenge , but we may not do that for many reasons.

Philosophical Lesson – Many people are alive only because shooting is illegal and they don’t want to spend their rest of their life in Prison.

Solution –

Reality – Men especially go to bar and addict themselves to Alcohol for not able to solve their problems thinking it might solve .

Philosophical Lesson – Alcohol will never be a solution to all our problem neither healthy drinks nor the so called water we buy for drinking purpose now a days !!!  lol 🙂

Help – 

Reality – We tend to help so many and difficult to identify who might remember us …

Philosophical Lessons – Help some one when they are trouble, as he will remember us when he gets in to trouble again. 

Manipulation – 

Reality – Lie sells better & so faster than a Truth . People around us will believe the Manipulated Lies instead of  Actual Fact or Truth 

Philosophical Lessons – Don’t ever try to prove anything to anybody. Its not our duty to change every one and answer for all the criticism around us , Just do your duty 



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  1. A thoughtful and relevant post
    Thanks for sharing👍🏻

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  2. Great post !!

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