Blogger Recognition Award # 2

Greetings all,

I have been nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by “Chiru – Inspire&change”. This is my 2nd Nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much Chiru for the Nomination.

Chiru – He is an amazing blogger with diversified interests in many areas such as Personalities who inspired him & Inspiring Travel posts and if you aren’t following his blog, Please do check it out.

Chiru Blog Link –>

Related image

Rules –

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.
  • Do a post to show your award
  • Give a summary of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers
  • Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post

How my blog started –

Travel is my passion and only during travel, I feel myself happy !!!! . Photography is my hobby . When I look at some of the pics and try to connect the funny and memorable moments after some months,  I hardly remember 🙂  and I don’t have the habit of writing diary . It is the triggering point for me to write blog !!! to recollect, remember, share and collaborate !!!!
It all started in early 2016 with blogger site to share my experience and collaborate. But unfortunately it doesn’t turn up due to official and Personal commitments as I just uploaded few pics and not able to involve myself in write ups, but now I realized, we cannot find free time instead, we need to spend time for our Interest 🙂 .

Suggestions for New Bloggers – 

  • Make sure you concentrate on the Content to engage the readers
  • Please don’t post for Likes

My Nominees –

Image result for the nominees are

  1. jhilli1965
  2. Jaya Singh
  3. Vidhya Shree
  4. Arushi
  5. Optimistic Soul
  6. erroneouschoices
  7. idealideas
  8. Mz&Cho
  9. BeingAlive
  10. Gabriella Sóvágó
  11. Pavan Athreyas
  12. unassailable
  13. Jaidip Patra
  14. Accidental Blogger
  15. krishnapriya108

Congratulations all and have fun !!

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  1. Congrats Brother🌺💐😊

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  2. Congratulations Bro !!!❤🙌
    Thank you so much for nomination 😃

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  3. Congratulations 👍🙃

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  4. congratulations ………..

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  5. Congrats brother 💙

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  6. Congratulations 💐
    All the very best👍 wishing u greater success

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  7. Hey! Congratulations and thank you so much for nominating me. Your comment on my blog was found in the spam and I have no idea as to why it happened so.

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  8. Hi! Can you please give me your link?

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  9. How did you link the blogs? I don’t know how to do it.

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  10. Ok…..thanks…..Will try to do it.

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