Agra – Tajmahal – P3


Tajmahal is one of the greatest wonders of the World and stands out Unique for the symbol of Love. Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built this wonder for his wife MUMTAZ with white Marbles and it doesn’t require any special introduction. It’s a Mughal’s gift to India.

It brings out lot of visitors worldwide throughout the year. Its a historical monument built with Architectural beauty and it is difficult to express in words.

On the first look, its Gigantism will not let you take your eyes off at least for 15 min. Such a marvelous piece of work from Shahjahan!!!.. No words to describe and it is the best thing about Tajmahal from my perspective and the toughest thing is to walk at least more than 1.5 km from the entrance. It will be horrible if you are trapped on a sunny day or in the Month of April or May. There are trees available to hide, but will not help much 😦

People usually describe the finest views of Tajmahal as, Tajmahal will glow in the brightness of the full Moon and View across the Yamuna River.

Here you go !!!!



Main Entrance.




Side View of Tajmahal


A Closer look on Minarets



A Closer look at the Dome


Right side Mosque


Left side Mosque



View of the Entrance from Tajmahal


Tajmahal without Minarets





Another View of Tajmahal



                                                                                                             To be Continued – !!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks for the write up along with them. 🙂

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  2. Very nice pictures ! Congratulations !

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  3. Wonderful pictures! what a breathtaking place.

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