Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – P1

Yercaud – 

Yercaud is a hill station located in the Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats near Salem. It is situated at an altitude of 4900 feet above mean sea level. The name Yercaud is the combination of “Yeri” + “Kaadu” . Yeri means Lake and Kaadu means Forest . I would call Yercaud as a best Picnic Spot , as it absolutely suites for a weekend stay to  enjoy the climate with your family . Yercaud is the first vacation spot I visited with my family and it is my first trip . It is always special for me to discuss about Yercaud. In this blog, I will share the pictures that are taken in December and in the Month of May. I personally like the Month of December as the climate will be so cool. Yercaud’s Highest point is Shevaroy Hill.

Best time to Visit – 

It has a lot of attractions around and stay as well. I visited Yercaud multiple times, the first time in December and next in the Month of May and last one in the period of July. I would recommend people to visit Yercaud in the Month of June/ July or November/ December. June and July, You will encounter a bit of drizzle and flower shows will be arranged for the visitors. In the Month of November and December, we don’t have to think as the Climate will be extremely lovely and cool and won’t let you leave the place. In the long stretch of May, it will be exceptionally dry and you would feel the warmth and I won’t prescribe visiting Yercaud in May.

How to Reach – 

Yercaud can be reached from Salem. Salem has the best connectivity from all over Tamilnadu. From Salem, you will have the best bus connection and cars for rental to reach Yercaud. It just take only an hour from Salem to reach Yercaud. There is also best railway connects as well from Chennai to Salem. 

Map – 



Places of  Interest –

  • Yercaud Lake
  • Pagoda Point
  • Montfort School
  • Lady’s Seat
  • Gent’s Seat
  • Children Seat
  • Anna Park
  • Servaroyan Temple or Shevaroy Temple

A glimpse on Salem – Non-Vegetarian Lovers – DON’T MISS IT 

Salem is one of the big city in Tamilnadu. Salem stands for ” Steel, Aluminium, Lime, Electricity, Mango“. A remarkable factor concerning Salem is ” you’ll get fantastic non-vegetarian food ”  especially in the famous ” Mangalam Hotel and Selvi Mess” .  We tried in Selvi Mess , it was affordable and quality of food was Excellent. Biriyani will be made in ” Seeragasamba” rice ( Small rice) . It will be very tasty and yummy !!! . You can also get Parcel in Salem and start your Journey to Yercaud and Plan your lunch in the Hill  🙂


–  Will share the Pictures from Next !!!!!


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