Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – Botanical Garden – P6

Botanical Gardens  – 

Located close by to the Lady’s Rock, Orchidarium refers to a garden that features varieties of exotic and rare orchids. One can see the rare Ladies Slipper, an insect eating Orchid. A rare tree Shevaroys Bombax which was reported on one of the private estates has also been identified and multiplied in this farm. A treat for plant lovers.

The spectacular ‘Insect Eating Pitcher’ plants and the ‘Neelakurinji’ plant those blooms once in twelve years are the pride of this orchid garden.

Orchidarium also features several species of Rose, Sylvan and Bamboo plants. The bewitching beauty of the garden has lured several dignitaries of the South Indian Film Industry to shoot their documentaries and films within this garden.

I would recommend to visit the Month of June/July , if you are lover of Garden. You can enjoy the flower shows and the climate with a little bit of drizzle. 


P.S. Details referenced from Wiki and Travel websites

Month of May – 

Month of July  –

Month of December – 

I remember , we didn’t explore much in December , just took very few pictures.


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