Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary – Bird’s Paradise – P1

Dear all, This post is very special for me as I have waited for almost a year for this season and went in Mid February 2020 to capture this beauty . Hope bird lover’s will love this post . 

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary – 

This Bird Sanctuary located in Chengalpattu District . It is 70KM from Chennai and easily reachable from Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram and Madhuranthagam. During the migratory season close to 30000 to 40000 birds will visit this place from worldwide. The numbers may vary depending upon the rain and water in this place. If Chennai and Chengalpattu districts has a good rainy season between June to September , then from the month of October to February, you could expect birds migrating from all over the world, especially in the month of January , it will be really a coolest place to watch and spend time with your family. 




To be continued !!!!!!!

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