Trust & Sharing Information – C53

In some situations or even in a very few happy moment in Life 🙂 , We all think, everyone around us are so lovable and never going to hurt us, so from that perspective, we tend to share so many things with them. But in reality, it’s just exactly the opposite of it, we understand the bitter truth very late , “Betrayal NEVER comes from an Enemy, it comes only from the CLOSED ones”

Just look around and try to find out one person in your life and share all your personal information to them. Because identifying that one person might be the biggest challenge. If it is your mom or dad, then you are blessed. It is not a thumb rule that, it should be parents, it may be a friend or brother/sister!!!.. No matter who you select!!!

The rule of thumb , they should not use anything against you in any manner /any time with the information that you share…. that’s what I would call it ” TRUST ”

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