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Cell Phone Tower – 



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Viewbug Photo Contest

Hi all, I m really happy to share a Surprise with you all . I sent one of my photograph to Viewbug Photo Contest under Covers Theme. Surprisingly it won Celebrity award . I really have no clue what that means until I check my email …..

Here is the email

Congratulations prasathcs! From all your uploads, this is the photo that recently had the most impact in the community and has been awarded the Celebrity status.

Celebrity Award
Based on our algorithms we’ve calculated your received likes, awards, emotions, views and time spent on your photos. The Celebrity Award is given to your photo that has recently received the highest appreciation. This is huge, moral of the story is that your photography is unique and creative, keep up the good work. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

Husband vs Wife – Just for Laughs – C41

Hello all, Plenty of Travel & Contents write-ups in a row and thought of writing some thing simple and funny today . Its just for fun and nothing serious here… So read, enjoy , laugh and have fun 🙂

Note – Please excuse if you already aware of these funny conversations !!

Ladies first, So all the conversation will be in perspective of Wife’s winning Moments !!!!

Husband : Do you know the meaning of Wife , It means Without Information, Fighting Everytime

Wife : No darling 🙂 , With Idiot for Ever

Related image

A serious argument between husband and Wife and Wife finally Said ,

Wife : Tell me dear, do you wanted to win or do you wanted to be Happy?

Husband : ” Went in a mute Mode” , Argument Ended

Image result for Silence  funny reaction gifs

At late night Wife’s mobile beeps

Husband ( angrily ) – Who is this person saying beautiful !!!

Wife ( Very angrily ) – USE YOUR SPECTACLES .. its NOT beautiful, its BATTERY FULL 🙂

Related image


Husband – Call Ambulance, Fast, I m having Heart attack

Wife – (Took his mobile), Tell me the password …

Husband – Its OK, I m feeling better now…

Related image


Wife joins english speaking class. After few days.
Wife : Welcome home darling.
Husband : I m so tired today.
Wife : Ok. Rest in Peace.

Related image


Husband came home drunk. To avoid wife’s scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
Wife: did u drink ?
Husband : no
Wife:Idiot , then y u r typing on suitcase

Image result for Emoji breaking the head GIFs


Husband: I need space…
Wife: Join NASA..

Husband’s reaction !!! 

Image result for Sad funny reaction gifs


Wife is angry 😡 as hubby stands too close to a beautiful girl in bus, a few seconds later the girl slaps him for pinching.
Hubby to wife: I swear I didn’t .
Wife: I know, I did it..

Hubby’s reaction !!!!!!!!!

Image result for Shocking funny reaction gifs

Laughing at your own mistakes lengthen your life – Shakespeare

Laughing at your wife’s mistakes will shorten your life – Shakespeare’s Wife

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Spiritual vs Science – Coconut/Pradikshina/Tilak – P5 – C40

Why do we Offer Coconut And Banana To God ?

Coconut and Banana are the only two fruits in this world which are considered to be “Sacred fruits”. All other fruits are tainted fruits (partially eaten fruits). For example, the apple tree grows from the seed of another eaten fruit and that fruit is treated as tainted. In the case of coconut and banana, the shell or the sleeves is not used for anything. To grow a coconut tree, you have to sow the entire coconut itself and Banana tree grows with the sampling. This is the reason why Coconut and Banana has an important place in all religious activities. Our Ancestors had found this reality long ago and they had made it as a system which is still followed religiously.

Importance of coconut and banana as temple offerings

What is the reason for doing Pradakshina Around The Garbhagriha/Moolasthanam ?

Finally, after performing all the above rituals you have to walk around the idol inside the Garbhagirha, the inner most chamber of temple in clockwise direction for nine times. Pradakshina literary means right side in Sanskrit. The idol inside the Garbhagriha absorbs all the energy from the bell sound, camphor heat and vibrates the positive energy within the Garbhagriha for a certain duration of time. When you do the pradakshina at this point of time, you tend to absorb all these positive vibrations once your five senses are activated. This vibration inside the Garbhagriha is considerably less and hence it is advised to visit the temple very often and follow the same rituals again.

Image result for doing Pradakshina Around The Garbhagriha/Moolasthanam

What is the reason for Applying Tilak/Kumkum Given By The Temple Priest ?

On the forehead, between the two eyebrows, is a spot that is considered as a major nerve point in human body since ancient times. The Tilak is believed to prevent the loss of “energy”, the red ‘kumkum’ between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. While applying kumkum the points on the mid-brow region and Adnya-chakra are automatically pressed. This also facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.

Related image

I m concluding this series with this post as I have been collecting and drafting the details for this for a while as due to time constraints, I m not able to make it in readable format.After reading all these information, we all need to proud about our ancestors as their ultimate aim have been the welfare of their future generations .

In India , we have temples that crossed almost more than 1000 years and still we owe how it could have been built and wonder what could have been the reason for building such a big temple in a City.  The Knowledge, Wisdom and the way ahead of thinking is really astound me and they NEVER go against nature instead they tried every possible way to go with the NATURE. I really don’t know what we can do to our future generation ????????  because our ancestors gave us a better world to live with …. 

THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you all for your time and will see you with some thing interesting in my next blog. 

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Spiritual vs Science – Five Senses – P4 – C39 – 200th Post !!

Hello all, I m happy to share that this is my 200th Post .  With out your encouragement & Support , I wouldn’t have reached this Milestone. I would like to thank all my followers & each and every one of you for taking your time to read my posts and sharing your thoughts. 

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Offering Flowers To God At The Temple – Smell Sense 

Flower, is good to see, spreads good fragrance, very soft to touch, the nectar given by flower pleases the tongue, and this combination is perfect for using at the temple. Only specific flowers are used for offering to God like rose petals, jasmine, marigold based on different factors, amongst them fragrance is most important. The fragrance of the flower, camphor and instance sticks all together have the strong essence to keep your smell sense active and pleasant giving calmness to the mind.


Drinking Theertham – Taste Sense 

The next part of your act would be to drink theertham ideally from a silver or a copper vessel. The water used for theertham usually would contain Thulasi leaves dipped in water and must be stored at least for eight hours in the copper vessel. According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water. By drinking this Thulasi water you activate the taste sense. The other benefits of drinking Thulasi water from a copper or silver vessel also includes cure for soar throats, Fever & Common Cold, Coughs, Respiratory Disorder, formation of Kidney Stone, Heart Disorder chances will be reduced. 

Image result for Drinking Theertham God


I will be concluding this series with one more post !!!

To be Continued !!


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Spiritual vs Science – Five Senses – P3 – C38

Five Senses – 

Five Senses Of Human Body are Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, And Smell. These Are Activated By The Following Actions in the Temple: The positive energy in the temple is absorbed properly only if you ensure that all five senses are activated in your body while you are in the temple. Also the place of worship is said to be pleased only if your five senses are pleased.

Ringing The Temple Bell – Hearing Sense 

People who are visiting the temple should and will Ring the bell before entering the inner temple (Garbhagudi, Garbhagriha, Moolasthanam or womb-chamber) where the main idol is placed. These bells are made in such a way that when they produce a sound it creates a unity in the Left and Right parts of our brains. The moment we ring the bell, it produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode. The duration of echo is good enough to activate all the seven healing centres in our body. This results in emptying our brain from all negative thoughts. This bell sound is also absorbed by the idol and vibrated within the Garbhagudi for a certain period of time.

The magic of temple bells

Lighting Camphor In Front Of Idol – Sight Sense 

The inner core of the temple is usually dark where the idol is placed. You usually close your eyes to pray and when you open your eyes you should see the camphor which was lit to do the Aarthi in front of the idol. This light seen inside the dark activates your sight sense. The other reason of lighting camphor is for the idol to absorb the heat and vibrate within the Garbhagudi for certain period.

Related image

Put Your Hands Over The Camphor Flames – Touch Sense

Once the camphor is brought to you after offering the prayer, you usually put your hands over the camphor to make your hands warm and then you touch your eyes with your warm hands. This action assures your touch sense is active.

Image result for Lighting Camphor In Front Of Idol


To be Continued !!


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Spiritual vs Science – Temple Flag Mast /Foot Wear/ Location of Main Idol – P2 – C37

Note:  I collected all these information from various websites as I find it very interesting , thought of sharing it with you all & presenting it in Q & A might be more interesting.

A temple is a miniature cosmos comprised of the five elements and a presiding deity. A temple is an outgrowth of the deity which has its own independent intelligence and from which energy is constantly radiating. Essentially, temples were designed to be spaces where the mind spontaneously moves within and meditation happens effortlessly. Every aspect of the temple, from the architecture to the rituals to the kinds of worship offered, has been consciously created to make this experience happen. 

What is the science behind the Construction of Temple & what is the Significance of Temple Flag mast ?

The science behind these constructions is that, the temple architecture gives cosmic force to the main idol in the Garbha Griha. Firstly, the Juathaskambam(Temple Flag Mast) acts like an antenna and receives the cosmic force from the space and through a  channel it is linked to the main idol in the Garbha-graha. The cosmic force continuously flows through the Jathuskambam to the statue and energies it.

Secondly, the celestial power fetched through the field gives the idol effulgence and metaphysical powers. The cosmic-force is additionally maintained by noise waves (Vedic chants ) and the pyramid like tomb. The pyramid like construction helps to intensify and protect the cosmic force. These are the reasons for anybody to feel a positive energy, goodness, serenity or divinity when we approach the interior sanctum.


Why copper plates being used beneath the Idol ?

Copper plates are inscribed with Vedic scripts, buried beneath the Main Idol. The copper plate absorbs earth’s magnetic waves and radiates it to the surroundings. So when person regularly visiting a temple and walking clockwise around the Main Idol receives the beamed magnetic waves and his body absorbs it. This is a very slow process. Scientifically, it is the positive energy that we all require to have a healthy life.

How the location has been selected for Main Idol and what it is the significance ? 

Temples are found deliberately at a place where the positive energy is available abundantly from the the magnetic and electric wave conveyances of north/south post push. The idol of God is set in the core center of the temple, known as “Garbhagriha” or “Moolasthanam”. Ideally, the structure of the temple is built after the idol has been placed in a high positive wave centric place. This *moolasthanam* is the place where earth’s magnetic waves are discovered to be most extreme.

Why removing footwear is so important and necessary before entering in to the Temple ?

Temples are the place that contains pure vibrations of magnetic and electric fields with positive energy. In olden days, temples were built in such a way that the floor at the center of the temple were good conductors of these positive vibrations allowing them to pass through our feet to the body. Hence it is necessary to walk bare footed while you enter the core center of the temple.

Another known reason is shoes and chappals are used everywhere hence they tend to get all the impurities like dirt, germs etc which spoil the pure environment of the temple and is the source of negative energy. 


                                                                                                   To be Continued !!!


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Spiritual vs Science – Temple Tower (Gopuram) – P1 – C36

Good Morning all , I would like to  discuss about the Intelligence, Knowledge and the Wisdom of our Ancestors that extremely astounded me on building temples in a city and how it is being benefiting every one of us.



For our generation, I doubt the treasure inside the temple might not known. The treasure is “Science”. Our Ancestors could have sensed that giving any piece of positive advice will not help , as NONE of us would follow, so they might have built temples and buried the science inside and to the external world , they called it Spiritual.

Let’s begin with Temple Tower and the science behind it , it is very Interesting and would like to draft this post like a Q & A.

In olden days, You might have noticed, the Temple tower in the city or Village will be the tallest building !!!!  and no other buildings should be taller than the temple tower as its been followed as a Thumb rule in those days .

What exactly Temple towers contain ?

Hindu temples typically have Pots( Kalasam) at the top of Temple towers. These Kalasam in form of inverted pot is one of the prominent symbol of temples.

Temple tower servers a excellent protection to the city or the village . Temple Towers Contains Pots . The Pots (or Kalasam) are made up of Metals such as Gold, Silver, Bronze or Mixture of any 5 different metals. The Pots filled with Rice, Salt, Raghi ,Millet and Corn. These metals give these kalasams an electro-magnetic reception.

View of Gopuram (Temple Tower) is one of the important rituals of Hindu worship along with view of Kodimaram (Temple flag mast).

What is the use of Metals and Grains ?

Grains like rice, salt, ragi, millet, corn, maize and sesame were poured in. And millet, especially, was used in huge quantities as the scientific knowledge then, claimed millet could conduct electro-magnetic waves.

Gopuram acts as a lightning seize. A metallic item mounted on top of a structure, electrically bonded using a wire or electrical conductor to interface with land or “earth” through an electrode, engineered to guard the building in the event of lightning hit. If lightning targets the structure it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground throughout the wire, instead of passing all the way through the building, where it could create fire or cause electrocution.

These objects act as lightning conductors and are considered to be ‘earthing’. Moreover, how many lives could be saved by these lightening conductors depends on the height of these towers. For example, if a tower is about 50 metres tall, then it would protect an area that falls in a 100 metre radius. This is approximately about 75,008 sq meters.

Some temples have 4 entrance towers which protect about 75,000 sq meters on all four sides. However, this is approximate numbers.

Why Kumbabishekam performed once in 12 Years ?

Periodic renewal of temple is called kumbabishekam , centers around Kalasams, when elaborate rituals are performed along with renewing the temple’s physical structures.

Once in 12 years, the grains in the templekalasams are refilled and changed during a festival called “Kudamuzhugu Vilzha”. This is because the grains have a period of 12 years to absorb the electro-magnetic waves, after which they lose their conductiveness. Moreover, unlike these days where it rains just 3 days, it used to rain for 3 continuous months.

So when all grains get wasted in the rains, the grains on top of these towers will be protected and dry and they could be used for sowing.  


                                                  To be Continued !!


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Tripoto Community

Friends , I shared my travel posts in Tripoto travel site . I m happy to share with you all that with in few weeks of time, my posts reached 50,000 plus ( Collective Views NOT for a specific post ) views in Tripoto , as I shared only few posts , but with little bit of updates !!!!!

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Night Photography – Light-Trails

Greetings all, Here are some of the Night Photography shots taken with Light- Trails.

Light-Trails – With different Shutter Speed, Car headlights will look like a Sequence of Light beams.

Note: You might be noticing the same picture is being repeated, but it is not, all are taken with different speeds.



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