BRNO – Moravian Karst – Catherin’s Cave – P1

Catherine’s cave

The ancient legend of shepherd girl, Catherine, who sought a lost sheep in the cave, but died there when she herself lost her way. The cave now bears her name. The place around the portal provides evidence that, the cave inhabited by Paleolithic man and by the people of some earlier cultures. The cave entrance was used as a shelter and also a ritual place as presented in the exhibition. The unique findings are represented by a great number of bone remains that were chopped and worked upon by prehistoric man.

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BRNO – Moravian Karst – Punkva Caves – Videos – P4

The Eye View
Boat Ride
Boat Ride
Punkva Caves – Photo Videos

The Moravian Karst Cave series will be continued …. But I have concluded Punkva Caves with this post.

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BRNO – Moravian Karst – Punkva Caves – P3

Punkva Caves –

During our visit, we didn’t get a chance to get a English speaking guide instead we got one who speaks Czech 🙂 . But they gave an Pamphlet in English . I would like to share the Places in Punkva caves .

  1. Front Dome
  2. The Mirror Lake
  3. The Reichenbach Dome
  4. The Back Dome
  5. The Angel
  6. The Bottom of the Macocha Abyss
  7. The upper Landing Stage
  8. Masaryk’s Dome

The following pictures are from Skalni Mlyn . This is the place where you will reach from Blansko . From here you will need to catch Toy Train to reach Punkva Cave. This is a wonderful place to take pictures if it is a sunny day. You will need to buy toy train tickets from this place.

There is also a Cable Car ride to reach the top of the Cave . Where the View point from the top is fabulous as it is not to miss experience . The cave view from the Top is Mind Blowing


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BRNO – Moravian Karst – Punkva Caves – P2

Punkva cave –

The Moravian Karst is the biggest and most significant karst region in the Czech Republic. Its attractions include several subterranean areas, with the greatest interest traditionally being in the Punkva Caves, where, apart from cathedrals of stalagmites and stalactites, you can also visit the bottom of Macocha Abyss and take a boat along the subterranean Punkva River.

The caves are located in the Pustý žleb canyon, 2 km from the tourist information centre and Skalní mlýn restaurant upstream along the Punkva river. If you don’t want to walk, you can take the tourist train from the mill. The journey, which lasts about an hour, leads through massive rock cathedrals decorated with stalagmites and stalactites to the bottom of Macocha Abyss, continuing with a motorboat journey along the deep, greenish waters of the subterranean Punkva river. The journey is interrupted for a visit to the Masaryk cathedral, one of the most beautiful subterranean spaces in the Moravian Karst.

A visit to the bottom of Macocha Abyss is a stunning experience for big and small. The Abyss reaches a depth of nearly 140 metres. The lower lake that can be seen at the bottom of the Abyss, however, is forty metres deeper! You can also look into Machocha from above, from two lookout bridges. Leave the Punkva Caves via a cable car (the only one in South Moravia!) then walk back to Skalní mlýn.

To enjoy Punkva, you need to walk and need to climb at places. The interesting piece of Punkva Cave is the Eye View in the Middle and the boat ride in the deep.

The Eye View in the Middle of the Cave

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BRNO – Moravian Karst – Punkva Caves – P1

Punkva caves is one of the best place / not to miss in Czech Republic. Punkva Caves will be houseful on Summer Weekends. So if you wanted to visit in groups on Summer Weekend, It would be advisable to fix an appointment prior .

Website :

Email to fix an appointment/ Queries –

How to reach –

Public Transport –

From Brno, Catch a train from Main train station which goes to Blansko , Its a 30 min travel from Brno to Blansko. Once you reach Blansko, you can get Bus number 226 to reach Skalni Mlyn . It will take 15 to 20 min to reach Skalni Mlyn from Blansko.From Skalni Mlyn, you would need to take toy train to reach Punka Caves . It just 10 min from Skalni Mlyn.

Note : If you are travelling on a weekend, remember , bus frequency is very limited .

You can also book a cab from brno, but it would be expensive, so the choice is yours as I would suggest to go by Public transport.

Punkva caves

The Punkva Caves are part of Large Cave System created by Water courses that have flowed for millenia from the North in the karstified limestone region. These streams are in fact tributaries of the subterranean punka reiver and bila voda stream. It was these which cut out the Amateurs cave system to a length of 35KM.

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Brno – Places of Interest – P1

Brno is the second Largest city in Czech Republic in South Moravian Region . I would like to share with you some of the interesting Places around BRNO.. With less than an hour’s drive from Brno, you can see numerous caves and castles, water Reservoir, zoo and numerous parks. The Specialty of the caves is, it will not be open throughout the year, due to the weather, it will be closed in winter.

The following places of Interest around BRNO –

  1. Balcarka Cave
  2. Punka Cave
  3. Catherine Cave
  4. Vypustek cave
  5. Brno Zoo
  6. Water Reservoir
  7. Churches
  8. Parks
  9. Dino Park

The following places will interest the people those who are interested in Geology. I am sure it will not disappoint you for sure.

  • Balcarka Cave
  • Punka Cave
  • Catherine Cave
  • Vypustek cave

Punka Caves –

Punka Caves is one of the Major attractions in Czech Republic and it is 30 min travel from Brno. It is really a NOT TO MISS attraction in Czech Republic . The Punka caves are created by Water courses that have flowed for Millenia from North in Limestone region

Balcarka Cave –

Balcarka Cave is located in Natural reserve of Balcar’s Rock , on the border of the Village of Ostrov U Machochy and it is situated about 3 KM from Macocha Abyss.

Catherine’s Cave –

This is one of the Interesting cave bearing a name of girl Catherine who sought a lost sheep in the cave but died there when she herself lost her way. The cave now bears her name.

Vypustek Cave –

Výpustek Cave is show cave in the central part of the Moravian Karst nature reserve in Czech Republic, in the upper section of the Křtiny Valley, not far from the village of Křtiny.

Water Reservoir –

The Brno Reservoir, previously known as the Kníničky Reservoir is a reservoir on the Svratka River at the northwest edge of the city of Brno

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Wayanad – Adventure and Nature Lovers – Its for you – P1

Wayanad, It’s a North East district in Kerala and can be reached by Car or Bus from Calicut or Mysore. It is located at around 2100M above mean sea level. Its been long time goal for me to shoot the breeze, unfortunately it didn’t happen and this year we had contrived to see this place in the Month of May and it chanced. It takes in a lot of sightseeing places, including regular places like waterfalls, viewpoints with special places like Edakal caves and Kuruva islands. The special places are ” Must Visit “ places and not to be overlooked.


Wayanad Sightseeing can be covered from these three towns, Kalpetta, Manathavady and Sulthan Bathery. It doesn’t intend that these towns are centralized location for all the Sightseeing places 🙂

How to Reach:

Wayanad can be reached from Mysore or Calicut. The Best connection is from Calicut. It holds the best Air and Train Connections in Kerala. Wayanad is 70KM from Calicut. It needs 2 hours to reach and Ghatt Section is only 22 KM. I would recommend people to reach Wayand from Calicut as the road is Excellent and No hiccups during a hill ride. I believe the Cost factor will be more if you reach from Mysore because of entering Kerala from Karnataka.


Climate :

We went in the month of May. The climate appears to be cool before 8AM and After 5 PM. In some parts of Wayanad, it is raining in the eve. Between 8 AM and 5 PM, the climate is pretty warm and you will become sweaty. To love the climate in Wayanad, the best time seems to be from December to March. You don’t need to carry Jerkin if you plan in the Month of May. Taste to Start the Journey from Calicut sometime in the Early Morning 4 AM, so you would enjoy the Morning Mist covering the hills as there are View Points on the way that shouldn’t be overlooked.

We took in a Misty Visual Treat on the Way to Wayanad, ” The Visual of Mist ” seems to be a Waterfalls from the Clouds and could not believe our eyes for a second and remembered it was Waterfalls. No way to express that illusion created in-front of our Eyes. STUNNED!!!!!!!


Viewpoint on the way to Wayanad


Stay or Sightseeing – Its your Choice.

Wayanad offers best stay and Excellent sightseeing to explore. Its an individual choice on whether they wanted to stick around and relish the climate or go and explore the places. If you truly wanted to enjoy the stay and Nature, in that location are best resorts, home stays, and hotels available in Wayanad and PLEASE don’t care about exploring places as it’s not your cup of tea.

As far as Stay is concerned, there are plenty of Hotels, Homestays and Resorts are available at best price when you genuinely wanted to get away from your day-to-day procedures. It’s an individual option to persist at a Hotel or Homestay. I stayed in Homestay and also recommend the same, as it might be convenient in many ways, especially on the Food front, because the time during our visit is a Ramzan Season, almost all the Hotels were closed in the morning and only very few hotels available for our choice and the residue will be opened only after 6 PM. When you plan your trip with your family, Home Stay would be a right option to run away from these seasonal events.

I will also write on another blog on the Homestay ” Ente Veedu”, where we stayed.

If you are exploring, then PLEASE don’t worry about where you rest, because in Wayanad, all the sightseeing places located in all the directions of Wayanad. It has sightseeing places covering 50 KM radius which cannot be covered by 2 or 3 days. Some people say, Kalpetta or Manathavady or Sultan Bethary will be the central location to spread over all the stations. I wouldn’t advocate it because only a few spaces are nearer from these locations and ease of the sightseeing places have been located at 20+ KM from these situations. Thus for an adventurer, I would recommend, Please be prepared to stay in Wayanad at least for 5 full days, but never worry or so where the stay is all about and Which town you stay. The Signature places require trekking for 2 KM approx and you will be eaten up and calling it a day for sleep.


This is the scenario in Wayanad – Each day, you will be able to cover 2 places if you pop out early in the Morning. You would also want to pass time on the place you travel to. Suppose if you start by 8 AM in the Morning from your Hotel, spend approximately 4 hours in that station and break for Lunch. Post lunch you will be capable to cover next place, if you reach to that place before 3 PM. There are also time restrictions, limitations on every post.

Places of Interest

  • Edakal Caves
  • Kuruvadeep Islands
  • Kanthanpara Waterfalls
  • Soochipara Waterfalls
  • Meennmutty Waterfalls
  • Banasura dam
  • Banasura Falls
  • Pookote lake
  • Karlad Lake
  • Thirunelli Temple
  • Jain Temple
  • Museum
  • Muthanga wild life sanctuary
  • Tholpetty wild life sanctuary
  • Chembara Peak
  • Phantom Rock View Point
  • Pazhasi Raja Tomb
  • Lakkidi Hill station
  • Vythiri Hill station
  • Thusharagiri Waterfalls
  • Ariparra Waterfalls
  • Thrissilery Shiva Temple
  • Seetha Lava Kusha Temple
  • Manikavu Temple
  • Neelimala Viewpoint
  • Karappuzha Dam

Note: We covered only 6 places 🙂

Trekking Places :

Wayanad has Signature Places that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you think, Wake up in the Morning, Go to a Place, Look at the Nature, Spent Time, Click Pictures, Enjoy, then it’s not for you. You require to have Patience to visit all the Wayanad places as you would demand to take the air at least 2 KM on Major Places that would result you to go rearward to the hotel for rest for the balance of the day :). As the trekking will be infused in many places and you will become tired if it’s a cheery daytime.

Here are some of the places which have extensive trekking 

  1. Edakkal Caves – Steeper Rock climbing at least 1 KM – To get to the base, you need to walk for 2 KM – It will be steeper anyway
  2. Kuruva Island – Walking on the Island for close to 1.5 KM – Way-2 is very nearer, but we got to know about that when we discovered it.
  3. Kanthanpara Waterfalls – They say its only 100, but its close 300 M – 400M approx
  4. Soochipara waterfalls’ – Approx 3 KM up and down – Very Steeper (We didn’t visited this place, get to know the information from another family Visited there)
  5. Banasura Sagar Dam – Approx 1.5 KM – Jeep facility available here. And then you can save some time, but again, you would need to walk for a KM for Boating.
  6. Chembara Peak – 2.5 KM, Hill Trekking – (Got the info from Car driver – We didn’t embrace this situation as this will almost take a day)

Activities in Wayanad.

Wayanad does offers activities like Zip-line and river trails through bamboo rafting. We could see Zip-line in many spots. If you are adventure lover, you may want to give it a try as it will be a thrilling ride. I tried Zip-line near kuruva Island. There are many other places in Wayanad you get to see Zip-line above the lake. I realize it will be more thrilling. Bamboo rafting in a river has also been suggested for us, but unfortunately due to the rise of water level in the river, they stopped the ride.

I will cover the Journey & the places we visited in my upcoming blogs.


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