Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – Children’s Park – P9

Children’s Park –

Situated by the Lake. It’s a nice park to walk around. There are deer, rabbit, peacocks, and hamsters in cages. There are also some swings. Suitable for kids to play around. The park will be closed by 5.00 p.m.

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Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – Lady’s Seat – Gent’s Seat – Children Seat – P4

Lady’s Seat – Gent’s Seat – Children’s Seat – 

P.S. Details referenced from Wiki and Travel websites

Lady’s seat is a rock that was formed in the shape of the seat, making it appear comfortable. Providing incredible views of the clouds, mists and greenery around, this Lady’s Seat was once the favourite recreational spots of the British females, residing in Yercaud.

This is a cluster of Rocks on the South West of the Yercaud hills overlooking the ghat road and the town of Salem to the South. There is a natural rock formation in the form of a seat where reportedly a white English Lady of yester years spent her evenings viewing the magnificent panorama before one’s eyes. There is a sheer drop of about 200 feet at this point into a private estate in the valley below. There is a man-made viewing tower with Telescopes. One can see the magnesite deposits on the plains and on clear days a view of Mettur Dam. One should not miss the night view of the Salem town with millions of twinkling lights. On the right of Lady’s Seat are Sterling Resorts, Gents Seat and Children’s Seat.

During the olden days, this rock hosted numerous kitty parties for the British women and was also one of their favorite hangouts for their chit-chats.

The beauty of this rock magnifies incredibly with the advent of an evening. It is during the evening, that Lady’s Seat offers the most spectacular views of the sunset. the place is close to some of the best places to stay in Yercaud.

The whole of the hill stations gets soaked under the majestic rays of the sun, and the rock offers a panoramic view of the wholesome change of the atmosphere. A watchtower, located close by to the Lady’s Rock is also one of the not-to-miss spots in Yercaud. This watchtower serves as an ideal place for the visitor of Lady’s Rock.

Month of May –

Month of July –

Month of December –

                                  To be Continued –

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Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – P2

Yercaud Tourist Map –

File:Yercaud Places.jpg

Road to Yercaud –

It is good to reach salem a day before , so you can explore salem and plan to start yercaud next day. It is advisable to start by 9 AM or around 12 PM with the lunch packed from salem 🙂 .

Foot Hills to Yercaud will be 22KM from Salem. There are 20 Hair-Pin Bends. There are good roads connecting Yercaud to various places in south via Salem. The road from Salem to Yercaud has plenty of lush greens on both sides of the road once the uphill climbing begins.

If you want to try a traffic free road, but adventurous!, take Kuppanur road. I never tried in this road. There are youtube videos as well on this route. If you wanted to try this route, better review the videos related to this route and start your adventure.  

Let me start sharing the pictures for the 3 months in Parallel .

The climate in Various Months  –

  • May – It will be Very dry
  • July – Chances of drizzle, Flower shows and Heavy rain possibility some times
  • December – Very Cool , Mist – Perfect climate to enjoy 

In May – On the Way Pictures 

On the way Muni Temple –

In July – On the Way Pictures 

In December – On the Way Pictures 


To be Continued – 


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Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – P1

Yercaud – 

Yercaud is a hill station located in the Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats near Salem. It is situated at an altitude of 4900 feet above mean sea level. The name Yercaud is the combination of “Yeri” + “Kaadu” . Yeri means Lake and Kaadu means Forest . I would call Yercaud as a best Picnic Spot , as it absolutely suites for a weekend stay to  enjoy the climate with your family . Yercaud is the first vacation spot I visited with my family and it is my first trip . It is always special for me to discuss about Yercaud. In this blog, I will share the pictures that are taken in December and in the Month of May. I personally like the Month of December as the climate will be so cool. Yercaud’s Highest point is Shevaroy Hill.

Best time to Visit – 

It has a lot of attractions around and stay as well. I visited Yercaud multiple times, the first time in December and next in the Month of May and last one in the period of July. I would recommend people to visit Yercaud in the Month of June/ July or November/ December. June and July, You will encounter a bit of drizzle and flower shows will be arranged for the visitors. In the Month of November and December, we don’t have to think as the Climate will be extremely lovely and cool and won’t let you leave the place. In the long stretch of May, it will be exceptionally dry and you would feel the warmth and I won’t prescribe visiting Yercaud in May.

How to Reach – 

Yercaud can be reached from Salem. Salem has the best connectivity from all over Tamilnadu. From Salem, you will have the best bus connection and cars for rental to reach Yercaud. It just take only an hour from Salem to reach Yercaud. There is also best railway connects as well from Chennai to Salem. 

Map – 



Places of  Interest –

  • Yercaud Lake
  • Pagoda Point
  • Montfort School
  • Lady’s Seat
  • Gent’s Seat
  • Children Seat
  • Anna Park
  • Servaroyan Temple or Shevaroy Temple

A glimpse on Salem – Non-Vegetarian Lovers – DON’T MISS IT 

Salem is one of the big city in Tamilnadu. Salem stands for ” Steel, Aluminium, Lime, Electricity, Mango“. A remarkable factor concerning Salem is ” you’ll get fantastic non-vegetarian food ”  especially in the famous ” Mangalam Hotel and Selvi Mess” .  We tried in Selvi Mess , it was affordable and quality of food was Excellent. Biriyani will be made in ” Seeragasamba” rice ( Small rice) . It will be very tasty and yummy !!! . You can also get Parcel in Salem and start your Journey to Yercaud and Plan your lunch in the Hill  🙂


–  Will share the Pictures from Next !!!!!


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Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P4




This incident happened in a Similar Rock while coming down –

Monkey’s Trap –

I was trapped by Monkey couple of times in this Journey. One on the onward journey,  I already explained and another in downward Journey in the Rocky phase, one has to step down with utmost care and Caution else , We will fell topsy-turvy 😦 .  In this phase while coming down , I got assaulted by the Monkey again. I was with my backpack on my shoulders and we are venturing down in the Rocky phase by one by one. I m the last person to advance down in the group and rest all sitting tight for me… I truly don’t know where exactly this monkey came from, All of sudden it came near me and started pulling my backpack and I was struggling in the middle and don’t know what to do…( Monkey was terribly angry that time 🙂 lol 🙂 )  As I don’t have any support to save myself… it was for few seconds… Then I gave my bag to the monkey … to all our surprise, It looked for food and threw the shoes and my bag away … It was one of the most awful moments in the rocky phase as you can notice the danger how it could have been !!

It was narrow and odds of slip from the edge was more… what’s more, My Luck factor worked that day !!! Got escaped….. and then after few yards, I got a wound in my foot and not able to walk and took more time while coming down also ….


A couple of dogs accompanied with us from the base and till we came back to Ashram. It was really surprising !!!!!

                                                                       – Will conclude in Next 

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Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P3

A Snippet on Some Interesting Stories  – 

The Story behind the Name of the Hill –

Sage Siladha performed serious penance on Lord Shiva seeking a boon to have children. . Two children were destined to him, Nandhi and Parvathan.

Sanakadhi Rishi approached the sage and said that Nandhi would live on earth just for a brief span. Because of this prescience, Siladha fell into melancholy. Nandhi assured his father by saying that he would win over death by his penance on Lord Shiva.

Satisfied with Nandhi’s penance, Lord Shiva showed up and made the youngster his vahana (vehicle) and passed the order that devotees should come to him only after being allowed by Nandhi His sibling Parvathan additionally performed penance on Lord Siva and turned into the Hill – Parvatha-Hill – i.e. Parvathamalai.

6 Hills & 6 Chakra Connection –

One needs to trek through 6 small hills to reach the top of ‘Parvatha Malai’ which is the seventh. It is said to be synonymous with the 6 ‘Chakras’ in the human subtle body.
The Mooladhara Chakra or Kundalini climbs up and after crossing six other Chakras,
joins with the seventh ‘Sadasivam’ or Sahasradhara chakra. About 75% of the hill route is through thick forest via treaded footpath where on both sides one can enjoy the smell of ‘Himalaya’s rare herbs’ are in plenty.

Lets Continue the Journey

This is the small hut shop I told you, it will be encountered only at the junction where the trek route (Kadaladi) meets with the steps route (Thenmathimangalam) . This is the place where you almost climbed 70% of the hill. 

Myself and my friend was climbing slowly, actually it was me climbing very slowly and reached this place a little late and encountered heavy rain for a while.

Here is the place where the Rocky Phase Climbing Starts and you need to climb with bare foot. You need to have your shoes packed or leave them in the small tea shop in the middle.

Last phase of Climbing and the types of Steps –

The last phase of the hill is the rocky phase climbing , as this is very challenging phase in climbing and slippery too. Be cautious in this phase while you are climbing , as this will be like Mountaineering.

There are Iron rod Steps, Ladder Steps, Track Steps and Sky steps. The “Kadapaarai Paathai” or ” Iron Pole Phase” climb is the toughest part of climbing as , there were no regular steps, one needs to utilize the “Iron poles and Chain” which are implanted in the rock and it is one way traffic here. The last phase of the climbing should be done with bare foot , So Please watch your steps in this phase.

Iron Rod Steps / Track steps / Sky steps – 

Its me climbing slowly !! , To my surprise, I climbed the last phase of the hill easily than the starting phase . 

We reached the top of the hill around 2.30 PM . I personally feel , it was really a Wonderful experience that test your confidence level . I will share and conclude this series with few more pictures and another Monkey trap Incident 🙂 while coming down from the hill in my next post. 

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Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P2

Speciality of the Temple –

In this place devotees experience the guidance of the lord on the Full moon day as well as No moon day. They can perform the rituals by themselves to Lord Shiva and Goddess Brahmarambika and light lamps as well. The devotee reaps the benefit of visiting all the Shiva Temples on earth if he visits Parvathamalai temple once. The One day Puja Performed by the devotee here is equal to performing puja on 365 days.

Group –  

When you intend to trek Parvathahill , it is advisable to go on groups , with the goal that you won’t lost track , it is extremely hard  to track the the route. You will notice the route signs on rocks and stones and need to take after that. It is just my recommendation as I personally felt very difficult to find the way by myself . I went with my friends and they guided me.

Journey –

We finished our breakfast and got Parcel as well for Lunch. As I told, We preferred the Adventure route to reach the top of the hills, so we went to Kadaladi Ashram and parked our Car.We started the Journey from Ashram !!!!!!!

On the way to Kadaladi Ashram –


As you can see from the picture, the hill is surrounded with trees and bushes all around. The beginning phase looks exceptionally dry and loaded with full of thorns.


Route Signes on Stones & Rocks –




It just captured my attention and a random click !!!!


The Real Adventure Started from this Phase –

As you can see from the picture , the route started shrinking and steeper path approaching for Adventure . 75% of the hill climb will be enduring, however it is exceptionally steep




After the muddy path, you would approach the next phase of climbing with rocks. I personally felt it was tough for me, but my friends climbed it very easily.









–    Will be continued with more information in next post


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Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P1

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill) is located near Polur in Thiruvannamalai District. The hill is around 15 Km from Polur. The hill is 3500 feet Approx high from the sea level. On the top of the hill, Lord Mallikarjunaswamy (Lord Shiva) temple is located, which is believed to be 2000 years old. During full moon day, Hill attracts more devotees as this place vested with lot of Spiritual Power.

How to reach :

The nearest Airport is Chennai .From chennai, we have 3 routes to reach Parvathamalai .

  • Chennai, Chengalpet, Melmaruvathur, Vandavasi, Polur, Parvathamalai
  • Chennai, Kanchipuram, Arcot, Arni, Polur, Parvathamalai
  • Chennai, Chengalpet, Tindivanam, Senji, Thiruvannamalai, Parvathamalai

I wouldn’t recommend to choose the third route as you are needed to Reach Thiruvannamalai as, Polur route is very nearer.

Nearest Railway station would be Tindivanam or Thiruvannamalai, as the later is very nearer to reach Parvathamalai as it is only 35 KM from there.

First route is easy to reach Parvathamalai, as plenty of the distance covers through Highway . From Polur, Either Thenmathimangalam or Kadaladi Mouna Guru Ashram you can choose to reach top of the Hills

Map to reach Thenmathimangalam or Kadaladi Ashram from Polur – 


Mounaguru Ashram

Two routes to reach to Top of Hills –

Steps Route –

Thenmathimangalam route is lengthy but easier to reach the top of  Hill . Usually the locals around this place use this route to reach the Top as it involves steps . 

Trekking Route –

There is another route from Kadaladi Ashram,to reach Parvathamalai, which is shorter and when compared to Thenmathimagalam route but it is very adventurous route compared to Thenmathimangalam. The distance is 5.5 KM approx and it would take almost close 3.5 hours to reach the top of the hill , that differs from person to person based on their fitness. Its the best route for Adventure lovers. 

We Preferred this route for Adventure, but it was more than a Adventure !!!!

Fitness factor –

I would like to stress , Absolutely Fitness is required to climb Parvatha-hill as, it is sure a test for your physical and mental fitness. There are places you would really lose your confidence that you may not reach the top. So please make yourself physically and mentally strong when you plan for Parvathahill. Atleast start your exercises and running a Month before.

Hill in the Shape of Shiva Linga –

You can notice from the picture, the hill resembles like Shiva Linga and it is being emphasized by Kanchi Sankaracharya and he doesn’t want to keep his foot, so he went around the hill for worship.

Interesting Ramayana Connection –

The popular connection from Ramayana was , Lord Hanuman carried Sanjeevani Mountain to revive laxman and a part fell down and become Parvathamalai (Parvatha Hill) 

Things to Carry –  

  • Light weight Travel bag 
  • Carry 2 ltrs of Water & Energy Drinks If you prefer 
  • Carrying more fruits would benefit 
  • Torch light 
  • Avoid oil fried snacks during your Trekking 
  • Don’t have your food items Visible and there are chances monkey’s will come with a request for grabbing them 🙂 lol 🙂 Monkeys will be Violent , So Beware of those 
  • Beware of Snakes too  
  • Carry Rain coat , Just if incase it rains 
  • Good Pair of Shoes for Trekking

Note: A monkey in the Middle came and snatched the Glucose from me as it was Visible while trekking. It was really a terrible experience as it was showing his teeth while snatching 🙂 lol 🙂 . The only thing I carried to boost the energy was gone in the middle. As we move on, the path seems very steep and I was able to climb only 6 to 7 meters in one stretch. 

No Shops – 

There won’t be any shops except , there is only one Small hut Shop close to Top of hill where you can get lemon juice , biscuits , drinks and Tea. So please be prepared for the same.


– Will discuss the Journey & share pictures in my next post


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Kashmir – Gulmarg – P10

Gulmarg Gondola –

The Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest in the world has two stage rope way , first stage on Kongdoori and next stage on the Apharwat peak.

Annual Festival –

An annual three-day Gulmarg Winter Festival is held in March. Budding artists in the fields of music, films and photography are given an opportunity to showcase their work during the festival.

Winter sports  –

  • Skiing
  • Tobogganing  
  • Snowboarding 
  • heli-skiing

All the above sports activities take place on the slopes of Mount Apharwat reachable by a Gondola lift.

The National Winter Games were held in Gulmarg in 1998, 2004 and 2008. In 2014, Government of Jammu and Kashmir drafted a Master Plan–2032 for Gulmarg.

P.S – Information referenced from Wiki 


With this post , I m concluding the Kashmir Series . Gulmarg is one of the best places to Visit with your family . I enjoyed Gulmarg as, it created a very special memory for all of us . Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures of Kashmir. Its worth spending a week in Kashmir especially in the month of Feb or March.

Thank you all for stopping by and spending time on my post and will see you in my next post with something interesting.

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Kashmir – Gulmarg – P9

Climate and best time

I heard from the guide, throughout the year, the mean temperature of Gulmarg seems to be 20C in Peak summer (July and August) and less than that in other Months. Gulmarg can be enjoyed throughout the year, except winter season . 

We visited Gulmarg in the Month of March and thoroughly enjoyed as it is such a place that shouldn’t be escaped at any price. There are rope car rides available in Gulmarg to enjoy the scenic beauty of hills, but regrettably it didn’t worked due to time restraints. There are lot of hotels available in Gulmarg and you can opt out a night stay to enjoy the mood.

Church –

The RC church is located at 1 KM apart from the temple , built in 1902 and constructed in British style. The church was closed for many years and reopened with renovation in 2003. The church belongs to Diocese of Amristar.

                                              – To be concluded in next 



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Kasmir – Gulmarg – P8

Ghat section from Tangmarg – Gulmarg will be excellent and you would feel the chillness. After reaching Gulmarg , you would be encompassed by individuals for sledge. Its totally your decision on whether you would needed to run with it. They will take you from the starting point and show you the view points , I felt, that is something funny here 🙂 ….. It is one of the seasonal business and there are more chances you will be cheated, if you don’t bargain, Please be careful here

If you look at the View, WHITE! WHITE ! WHITE! everywhere !!!!!!! its like , the Hills dressed up in White looks like an Angel . Its not so easy to watch out without Sun glasses after few minutes .. The beauty cannot be described in words.

Starting Point –

From here you can walk and enjoy or take sledge 

Attractions in Gulmarg –

  • Maharani Temple
  • St.Mary Church

Maharani temple is said to be built by a king Hari Sisodia for his wife Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia who ruled till 1915 , Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi .Temple was the first attraction from the starting point and church present at 1km apart. In the middle,,,…… You want me to express it ????? …. Just take a look at the pictures… 

Temple –

                                                             –  To be Continued


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Kashmir – Gulmarg – P7

Gulmarg is an another famous destination for Ski-field in Baramula district of Kashmir . It is situated at an altitude of 8690 feet from mean sea level and 60KM from Srinagar. Gulmarg has been very famous for Winter Sports usually happens sometime in the month of November and December as its been a World class Ski-field for Skiers from the Asian Nations. Gulmarg has been rated 7th best Ski -field destination in Asia. It also has the highest golf course situated at an Altitude of 8690 feet.

How to reach –

From Srinagar ,You can reach Gulmarg by Car. Distance between Srinagar to Gulmarg is 60 km by Road. The minimum time to reach Gulmarg from Srinagar is 2h 30m which includes the purchase of Coat and Ice shoes in the base.


Here are the on the way pictures took during the Ghat Section ride from Tangmarg to Gulmarg . In the base, you can get Wool coat, Shoes for rent. You can avoid Wool coat for rent if you  already have one and just go only with Ice shoes for rent.I would recommend not to spend too much on coat . If you have Jerkin, that should be OK for Gulmarg to Enjoy as Wool coat is not Mandatory as it is just a seasonal business for them.

Tangmarg – Gulmarg Ghat Section Pictures –
















View Point in the Middle – 

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